CBD Oil Anti-Aging Capsules Front with Box and Capsules
CBD Oil Anti-Aging Capsules – Defined
December 27, 2017
CBD Oil Anti-Agigng Exfoliant Front with Box Display
CBD Oil Anti-Aging Exfoliant – Defined
December 27, 2017

CBD Oil Anti-Aging Detox Soak – Defined

$60.00 $50.75


Ingredients: pure hemp oil, herbal extract, caprylyl glycol, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, ylang ylang essential oil, lime essential oil, ginger essential oil



  • Hemp CBD Mineral Soak
  • Relaxes the Mind and Detoxifies the Body
  • Soothes Aching Muscles
  • Anti-Aging Ingredients
  • Uplifting Blend of Bi-Bong™ and Natural Hemp Oil

Each session with our Therapeutic Detox Soak engulfs your body in a thoroughly rejuvenating and relaxing experience. Formulated to combine natural and organic herbal botanicals with sustainable hemp oil for detoxifying and rebalancing the body and mind, our Therapeutic Detox Soak pulls toxins from your body, while leaving your skin feeling silky and replenished. If you already love a good soak in the tub, you’re going to make the Cannabis Beauty Defined® Therapeutic Detox Soak a regular part of your most tranquil evenings.

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